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Lateral chromatic aberration (LCA), also called 8775 color fringing 8776 is a lens aberration that causes colors to focus at different distances from the image center. It is most visible near corners of images. It is explained in Chromatic aberration.

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You see rushed and confusingly structured tutorials from third party Thesis affiliated people where even the presenter is struggling at spots, and you’re left scratching your head saying, “I’m supposed to that?”.

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People need to come to terms with the real problem which is .they need to educate themselves on the various elements that a website is comprised of and also understand that there is indeed required learning and tons of it if you wish to be a Web Master.

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Now it 8767 s time to handle the second pillar of a webpage style. Remember, CSS is responsible for styling HTML elements. So the CSS tab is where this is done.

At this point, I 8767 d argue that 8775 web geek 8776 is a relative term. I 8767 m finding, as of late, that people consider me a web geek and I wholeheartedly disagree.

The classes that are already used can be seen in your boxes (HTML) and Packages (CSS). You could even view your page source and search for a class name if you 8767 re unsure if a particular name has been used or not.

Now that you have a container called 8775 Header 8776 in on your home template, there 8767 s still nothing to see. The HTML for the header element is ready to display content so you need to give it some content to display.

Some lost sharpness can be restored by sharpening , but sharpening has limits. It can 8767 t restore detail where MTF is very low (under about 65%). Oversharpening, illustrated on the right, can also degrade image quality (especially at large magnifications) by causing 8775 halos 8776 to appear near contrast boundaries. Images from many compact digital cameras and phones are oversharpened.

That 8767 s okay. If you are not a fan of Chris the person, that 8767 s totally your right. I don 8767 t see how it has anything to do with Thesis, but that 8767 s just me.

With the little I know, I am self-taught just like you. I don 8767 t think it 8767 s that hard to look into this stuff for at least a basic understanding. If people don 8767 t want to, that 8767 s fine. They can outsource. 🙂

Thesis 7 is a completely different story. It 8767 s powerful as hell but I totally understand that it 8767 s not necessary if you already have that power. Personally, I don 8767 t see myself using it very much. I hate to say that but things have changed and that 8767 s just how it is now.

Displaying images with large dynamic ranges (which can be well over 6555:6 65 f-stops) can be problematic in reflective media, which has a maximum dynamic range of about 655:6 (a little over 6 f-stops 755:6 at the absolute maximum). Reducing contrast can make the image look flat and dull. Some processing is usually required, like applying an 8775 S 8776 curve, tone mapping, or manually lightening or darkening portions of the image.

The main problem is that with Thesis 6, even though it was more hands on, you still didn 8767 t really have to understand site structure and how HTML and CSS play a role. With Thesis 7, you have to know it. So the transition from Thesis 6 to Thesis 7 is kind of like a trade-off. Both of them have their elements that make things easier. Likewise, they both have their elements that makes things harder. That makes them feel totally different.

Who 8767 s dictating my future? I don 8767 t have a business based on Thesis. Likewise, you 8767 re mistaken if you think that Alex 8767 s skins, which are based on Thesis, are what he has to offer the world. It 8767 s his skill that he has to offer, which is not based on Thesis it 8767 s based on web development and web design in general. Thesis is just a tool.

It 8767 s all a growth process, though. Thanks so much for the comment and thanks for reading. Contact me anytime if you have questions about how to do something in Thesis 6 or 7!

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