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Date of publication: 2017-09-04 03:15

Introduction to Brain Computer Interface Technical Seminar Presentation: The Seminar Presentation is about brain computer interface. It forms a direct communication channel from the brain to that of the computer system. It is capable of processing of the activity of the brain and converting to the system commands with the help of the algorithms.  The experiments( )

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This Blade Server Technology ppt is about blade server. An in detail explanation is given regarding the blade server. The paper also covers the differences between the server and also the blade server. It also covers the advantages, limitations and also the applications of the blade server. A blade server is a server with a limited( )

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E book reader Seminar and Paper presentation explains about the application used for the searching books or adding books to the applications. For that we need to create database that have both user and the admin blocks. Admin block will have the features like managing users, they can add or delete books from the shelf and( )

Brain Computer Interfaces is about the real time applications with the usage of the processor by name DSP. This Presentation provides in detail information regarding the interfaces of Brain-Computer and also about the processor DSP and also usage of them in the real time applications. The brain-computer interfaces helps in establishing the direct communication path( )

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This Bluetooth Technology ppt presentation is about the Bluetooth technology. There are two types of radio components when we are dealing with the sensor nodes: the nodes which are based on fixed frequency carriers And there are nodes which are even based on the spectrum transmissions like Bluetooth. . the node within the range makes use( )

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In this artificial intelligence paper presentation we discuss about the Artificial intelligence, need for Representation language and logic for Artificial intelligence.  In the 6965s and 6975s, knowledge representation research was concerned with representing and using the kind of information we get from reading and from talking to other people: and is often expressed in natural language. ( )