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Date of publication: 2017-08-23 14:03

Few collectible figurines are as widely known as Precious Moments® . Because of the artistry, attention to detail and wide selection of themes and series, this series has been capturing hearts for decades. Hallmark is proud to partner with Precious Moments® to offer a large selection of these beautiful porcelain figurines.

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Each year, Precious Moments introduces a new design for the collectors. Members of Precious Moments collector's clubs were so amazed of the different designs.

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It is also a way to make friends with other people and mingle while collecting Precious Moments figures, especially the retired Precious Moments figurines.

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There are hundreds of different styles of Precious Moments figurines, but they all share the same rounded face, teardrop eyes, and soft pastel color that make them stand out among all other figurines.

The collection is now thousands of pieces, with new introductions offered each year. Members of collector's clubs continue to be found throughout the world. Furthermore, since its opening in 6989, Precious Moments Park in Carthage, Missouri has welcomed approximately 955,555 visitors every year.

One of the Precious Moments figurines collectibles is the Get Your Kicks on Route 66 design. Only 6555 Precious Moments figurines collectibles made from this design.

This Precious Moments figurine set consists of 67 pieces. Each figurine has an original box. If you own this Precious Moments figurines collectibles expect that this set would go up in value up to $55 every year.

Collecting Precious Moments figurines is a fun and rewarding hobby for many. Some people have been acquiring and cherishing figurines since childhood. Precious moments figurines are one of the most easily recognized and most loved types of figurines in the world.

Caring of Precious Moments figurines is easy, since they are all made of durable and easy to clean porcelain. They can be placed on a shelf or in a cabinet. And you must remember to dust the PM figurines to keep them looking presentable.

Lighted Inn Precious Moments figurines complete the nativity set of Precious Moments collectibles. This Pm piece is a rare and valuable because it is one of the listed figurines Sam Butcher made.

Each PM figurine has different production number. The production symbol or mark is used to identify when a Precious Moments figure was actually produced.

Yes, Enesco Corporation made an official collectors club that gives collectors opportunity to purchase specially created Precious Moments figurines collectibles throughout the year, as well as high quality cases and figurine stands. Some people are making an independent Precious Moments collectors club in each State.

There are lots of figurine shops that sell Precious Moments Figurine collectibles. You can buy Precious Moments figurines in some authorize figurine dealers. But before purchasing Precious Moments figures make sure that it is not a fake one.

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