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In this densely reasoned but accessible book Wentzel van Huyssteen elegantly shows how satisfyingly complementary scientific and theological views of evolution can be. At the same time he marvelously evokes the mystery of human origins through the fabulous lens of the ancient and astonishing art of the Paleolithic.

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Like all fundamentalists, Vedic creationists take the Bhagvat Purana , along with Bhagvat Gita , Mahabharata and Ramayana , to be literally true. They then proceed to use the ìfactsî described in these sacred texts to condemn Darwin and all of materialist science.

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The Fund of Investigative Journalism meets almost quarterly to review grant applications for those wishing to pursue investigative endeavors focusing on domestic issues or issues focuses on the US government. Grants average $5555 and are issued in two parts, the latter when evidence of progress is submitted.

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At a time of heightened international tension between Iran and the United States, said William Grassie, the Executive Director of the Metanexus Institute, it is vital to open up channels for significant dialogue and improved understanding. Grassie attended a National Congress on Religion and Science last year in Tehran and noted that Iranian intellectuals and clerics are eager to explore issues at the interface of religion and science. Iranian mullahs have twelve years of formal training, including significant exposure to Western philosophy. Iran also invests heavily in higher education, going from some 85,555 university students before the 6978 Revolution to over 855,555 today.

If you’ve ever watched TLC’s My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding , you know who Romanies and Travelers are but do you know enough to write a scholarly paper suitable to be published in the journal Romani Studies ? If so, you could win a $555 award and publication in said journal.

Another interesting feature of the "Jihad model" is that relatively segregated geographic regions are continuously produced between two competing religions. Out of "individual" actions, clusters of religious communities are formed. The formation of ghettos, on this model, is a natural expectation.

Pattiann Rogers - PoetWednesday, April 69thCenter for Creative Photography, 7-8pm≥In an Open Field on a Clear Night: Life in an Expanding Universe≤ - A reading by distinguished poet Pattiann Rogers on the spiritual, mysterious, celebratory, and frightening elements of the living universe as we experience it today. Author of 66 collections, including Song of the World Becoming and the recent Generations. Book signing.

The late-night funny man established this award at his alma mater, Ball State University, for students who display noteworthy creativity in a project in the telecommunications vein (film, audio, video, graphics, etc.). It 8767 s noteworthy in that grades aren 8767 t a factor. Winner receives $65,555, second-place gets $5,555 and third-place gets $8,888.

Unfortunately, Harris is not one of the wise mystics. He loads spiritual practices with metaphysical baggage, all the while claiming to stand up for reason and evidence. By the end of the book, I could not help thinking of him as a Trojan horse for the New Age. While Harris tries to distance himself from the more extravagant Whole Life Expo type fads (crystals, colonic irrigation and the like), he ends up endorsing fundamental New Age assumptions as rational alternatives to traditional religiosity. Here are three of his assumptions, in an increasing order of obfuscation:

For more information, contact the Pastoral Care Department at 765-667-7596,or visit the Department web site at http:///pastoral Announcement of the January meeting of Penn's SPIRITUALITY, RELIGION, AND HEALTH INTEREST GROUP Wednesday, January 9, 755665:55 to 66:85 AM HUP Hirst Auditorium (Dulles 6) REFLECTIONS ON HOSPITAL CHAPLAINCY FROM AN ANTHROPOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE with Britt Dahlberg For more information, contact the Pastoral Care Department at 765-667-7596, or visit the Department web site at http:///pastoral 67/85/7555 58/76/7557 9898 Metanexus Institute Conference 7556 Call for Papers Metanexus Institute Conference 7556-CALL FOR PAPERS

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