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Romeo and Juliet Movie Review (1968) | Roger Ebert

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Just before Romeo heads over to the Capulet ball, where he falls in love with and meets (in that order) Juliet, he tells us that he has a funny felling he fears that something "hanging in the stars" (something destined to happen) will be set in motion that night. Romeo's premonition seems to be in keeping with what the Chorus tells us in the Prologue (see above quote).

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Romeo and Juliet: Plot Summary Acts 3, 4 and 5

Shakespeare compares their love with other versions of love in the play to show their superiority and maturity and the capacity for reconciliation: compare their love with Romeo 8767 s love for Rosaline which appears pretentious, affectatious and distant, the Nurse’s version of sexual love and the parents’ version of loved based on duty and obligation.

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But then we have to have a literal climax (sorry—it's Romeo and Juliet. There's a lot of sex). Both Romeo and Juliet are hysterical about the whole banishment thing, so the Friar and the Nurse figure out a way for Romeo and Juliet to spend one night together before Romeo leaves for Mantua, a nearby city. We don't get to see it on stage, but trust us: it happens.

Mercutio and Tybalt
The continued brawling between clan members such as Tybalt and Mercutio directly leads to Romeo’s exile. Both Mercutio (Montagues) and Tybalt (Capulet) are troublemakers who reflect the patriarchal/masculine mindset that their reputation and honour must be protected at all cost. At this time, duelling was a traditional method of proving oneself and defending one 8767 s honour and dignity. When Romeo declines Tybalt’s challenge, Mercutio is infuriated at his ‘dishonourable and calm submission’ and draws his own sword instead. (Later, when Romeo breaks down because he is exiled, the nurse scolds him and tells him to ‘be a man’.

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The plan appears simple, but is risk-laden.  It encourages Juliet to deceive her parents. She feigns death which leads to disaster upon the lack of communication with Romeo. Friar Lawrence’s scheme is not well planned and is perhaps too sophisticated for the lovers. Juliet blindly places her faith in the Friar and when the plan backfires both Romeo and Juliet are too naive and innocent to think of other remedies.

Blame: the focus on their irreconcilable differences reaches a climax during the street brawl between Tybalt and Mercutio and contributes directly with Romeo’s exile which sets in train the unfortunate chain of events.

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