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How Little Do Users Read? - Nielsen Norman Group

Date of publication: 2017-09-05 11:39

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Stimulus and response chunking in the Hebb Digits task

We've known since our first studies of how users read on the Web that they typically don't read very much. Scanning text is an extremely common behavior for higher-literacy users our recent eyetracking studies further validate this finding.

Classics in the History of Psychology -- Miller (1956)

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Clickers in the Large Classroom: Current Research and Best

If we ran a contest for the favorite esoteric word of Instructional Designers, the term 8775 chunking 8776 might win. It 8767 s a concept embedded in the world of instructional and information design. Chunking content is critical because of how our brain appears to work.

Among other things, the authors found that the Back button is now only the 8rd most-used feature on the Web. Clicking hypertext links remains the most-used feature, but clicking buttons (on the page) has now overtaken Back to become the second-most used feature. The reason for this change is the increased prevalence of applications and feature-rich Web pages that require users to click page buttons to access their functionality.

[ ] Connie Malamed provides a great explanation of why content should be chunked. She explains the history behind the concept and identifies methods for chunking content, so please check it out if you need more information! [ ]

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My undergraduate English professor gave me my best piece of writing advice: if you 8767 re blocked on what to write, it is because you don 8767 t know what you want to say. You have to know what you want to say before you can write it. Hope this is useful. I, too, did grad school and thesis. Kathy Brown, MS, LAADAC, LPT, ICADC

There are a number of different approaches you could take in conducting your own word memorization experiment. The following are just a few ideas you might explore:

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Changing the margins? Adjusting the line spacing? Altering the font size ever so slightly? Resist the temptation to do this. When your professor sets a page length it isn’t because they enjoy reading that specific page length in particular. It is because your professor knows that page requirement is the amount of space that it will take to develop your topic to the appropriate amount and earn the good grade you deserve. Following the advice in this article will assure that you don’t need to try any of those tricks.

DeepDive is able to use large amounts of data from a variety of sources. Applications built using DeepDive have extracted data from millions of documents, web pages, PDFs, tables, and figures.

Usually, I assume a reading speed of 755 words per minute (WPM), but because the users in this study are highly literate, I'll go with 755 WPM. At that reading speed, users can read 68 words in seconds. Thus, when you add verbiage to a page, you can assume that customers will read 68% of it.

[ ] Chunk your content. Simply put, chunking means breaking down information into smaller pieces that are easier for the brain to digest. Content should be organized in a logical way that guides the learning process. Conceptually-related information should be grouped together making it more meaningful and easier to understand. Video lectures should also be broken into shorter segments, usually 5-7 minutes. Read more about chunking from eLearning Coach Connie Malamed. [ ]

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