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656 For further discussion of these possibilities, see . Mahaney, V. Kalm, ., ‘Evidence from the Northwestern Venezuelan Andes for extraterrestrial impact’, op. cit, p. 59, and William C. Mahaney, Leslie Keiser, et. al., ‘New Evidence from a Black Mat site in the Northern Andes Supporting a Cosmic Impact 67,855 Years Ago’,’ The Journal of Geology, Vol. 676, No. 9 (July 7568) p. 867.

Why Science Should Cherish Its Rebels - Graham Hancock

Nor was Bretz an exception. Alfred Wegener, who first proposed the notion of continental drift – plate tectonics – was similarly pilloried, as, subsequently, were Luis and Walter Alvarez (the Chicxulub, ‘K-T’ impact), Steven J. Gould (punctuated equilibrium), Victor Clube and Bill Napier (coherent catastrophism), and James Lovelock, Sherwood Rowland, Mario Molina and Lynn Margulis for their contributions to geophysiology and the Gaia theory. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that Richard Firestone, Allen West, James Kennett and others who have followed the evidence and stuck their necks out to suggest that a comet impact caused the Dryas, have also come under sustained and bitter attack.

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Einstein suggested the existence of gravitational waves close to 655 years ago and although there was no proof they existed until a year ago the science community did not give up their search for them. So why is it that when you suggest an alternate version of what my have happened in the distant past the science community scoffs at you and says you have no proof? In my opinion these two scenarios are the same and whether you are right or wrong it is unfair to you and science in general if the proper amount of time is not spent on this topic to hash out the real story.

Photos by Santha Faiia. Graham Hancock with catastrophist theorist Randall Carlson at Dry Falls a fossilised waterfall of enormous size cut by the waters of Bretz 8767 s flood and left as we see it now when the flood had run its course.

The Taurid meteor stream, so called because its showers of “shooting stars” look to observers on the ground as though they originate in the constellation of Taurus, is the most familiar and best-known product of the ongoing fragmentation of the original giant comet.

Dear Mr Hancock are you trying to discredit your good work you have done up to now? Why do want gain credibility from the main stream scientist? There is no real evidence for a comet hitting the planet Earth ever. It could be a straw-man. Have you considered that?

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Likewise, science writer Paul La Violette argues that “there may be much truth to the many flood cataclysm stories that have been handed down to modern times in virtually every culture of the world. In particular, the 9655 BC date that Plato’s Timaeus gives for the time of the deluge happens to fall at the beginning of the Preboreal at the time of the upsurge of meltwater discharge.” 698

“We agree with Thy . that hut fires can produce glass, but it does not follow, therefore, that all glass comes from hut fires, as they conclude. We have analysed natural glasses supplied by one of the authors of that study, and the 67,855-year-old glass from Syria is only superficially similar. Instead it matches known cosmic impact glass, as well as high-temperature atomic bomb glass.

... Graham, I didn’t know you were a “maverick archæologist,” anymore than an “eccentric archæologist.” When did you have time to do your homework? Heh, Heh.

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