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Exercises to learn French

Date of publication: 2017-08-24 04:27

Nougat, How do they do it ?
In this video, we learn how the nougat is.
7556 6&uarr &darr 8 Nougat

Past Second Language Proficiency Examinations - NYSED

A Tale of Two Brains
Mark Gungor talks about how men and women think.
78977 686&uarr &darr 96 Men & women

Homepage - Zut! - Language Skills

Thanksgiving with FRIENDS
A listening comprehension exercise about.
5697 67&uarr &darr 5 Thanksgiving

The Different Past Tenses in French - ThoughtCo

THE HOBBIT: Desolation of Smaug
Bilbo, the 69th of the Thorin's Company, managed.
7876 7&uarr &darr 6

Emma Watson Beatbox for Lin-Manuel Miranda Gender Equality Rap
Emma Watson interviews Lin-Manuel Miranda
6796 8&uarr &darr 7 gender equality feminism, emma watson

The Mummification Process in Ancient Egypt
The mummification of Heraclitis
9588 65&uarr &darr 5 Ancient Egypt, Mummification

65 strangely cool British traditions
Here are 65 strangely cool UK traditions that are.
5756 65&uarr &darr 9 British traditions

You can also use dessus and dessous as adverbs to mean over it / on top of it and beneath it / underneath it, respectively. They are not followed by nouns or pronouns, unlike prepositions.

Biography of President Abraham Lincoln
Task aimed at 9th ESO students
5897 68&uarr &darr 7 Questions

For more French learning through authentic videos, I recommend Yabla French and FluentU. For audiobooks and lessons of modern French, try French Today. I've recommended some French books at Amazon, and Interlinear books are great for learning French by reading literal translations in English. Need even more French? Try the French courses at Udemy

Google Glass Review
Review of Google Glass by Engadget.
6588 78&uarr &darr 8 google glass, questions, review

Harriet Tubman and the .
Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad
958 7&uarr &darr 5 Harriet Tubman, Listening Level 7

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