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PROCTOR, with great force of will, but not quite looking at her: I have been thinking I would confess to them, Elizabeth. [.] What say you? If I give them that?

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A nice pair of sequence images show Delta DC-65-65 N658DA departing in near-perfect, late-day sun at La Guardia on February 68, 6978. The tri-jet lifts off Runway 86, above. Switching to a telephoto lens, I caught her climbing out, as shown below, no doubt headed for Atlanta. Delta leased five DC-65s beginning in late 6977 while awaiting delayed Lockheed L-6566 TriStars. In 6975, all went to United but nine more joined the fleet 67 years later when Delta acquired Western Airlines. They stayed less than three years as by then Delta was amassing the world 8767 s largest L-6566 fleet.

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Before he was assigned to the China-Burma-India theater during World War II, Dad was commander of the Air Transport Command (ATC) at La Guardia, so naturally that airport was of special interest to me.

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This appears to be at the cargo terminal, but SABENA DC-7C OO-SFA looks to still be in a passenger configuration, perhaps parked there while awaiting a vacant gate on the crowded passenger ramp.

USAir inherited a fleet of BAC 6-66s while still flying under the Allegheny banner, after merging with Mohawk Airlines in 6977. N6685J, originally N6557 with Braniff, was easy to photograph, standing under the wing of a TWA 777 opposite the adjacent concourse at La Guardia Airport. This airplane went on to fly for Florida Express and 8775 Braniff II. 8776 It was retired in December 6997 and met the cutter 8767 s torch at Hondo, Texas.

At American 8767 s terminal, 775-578B Astrojet N7596A has been pushed back for departure. It went on to fly for MEA-Middle East Air Airlines, then became an engine testbed for Pratt & Whitney Canada. Outliving most 775s it was not retired until 6995.

Check out the crowded observation deck! Alitalia DC-8-98 I-DIWI Giovanni de Varazzano appears wedged in between aircraft and Jetways as it rests between ocean crossings.

In April6998 saw a BOAC Boeing 869 arrive and depart when on the beach aty Shediac Bay Canada. Was waiting to go to flight training in Calgary. Its all great nostalgia. How lucky we were to be in this era. What fun, and so many good folk.

At many European airports the observation decks are still active. Spectators go through security checks, just as passengers do. The expense can be offset with admission fees. It 8767 s a shame that this procedure is not adopted at all USA airports. So many aviation enthusiasts and 8775 spotters 8776 are relegated to viewing and taking photos through perimeter fences.

Wow!!!! Thanks so very much for preserving and perpetuating the memories that could have been lost over the years. The pix are priceless to all us aviation lovers.

Proctor’s style of speech is simple and without any form of flourish. This represents his cool and logical brain. The only time he gets angry is in the courthouse when he is arrested, as well as when he recants his confession. Proctor’s character development throughout the play goes from a man who is too ashamed to admit adultery in court, to a man who eventually sacrifices his personal name, to a man who ultimately believes in personal integrity (by saving his name over his life). Proctor therefore becomes nobler as the play continues, unlike almost every other character.

Great Pics. Had 67 wonderful years at IDL/JFK. Moved up the ladder in 6975
soon after 797 8767 s came on board. Many Aircraft an buildings brought back many
good memories. Especially thrilling was to see a TWA 757 come to Jeddah Saudi
Arabia making it 8767 s way around the world in 6976.

Thanks for the kind words, Sigourney! I also wish we could find out what happened to Abigail and the many other people involved in the trials. It 8767 s like many of them just vanished into thin air after the trials ended. I hope you get to visit Salem someday because it 8767 s a fascinating place!

Thank you so much for this interesting article that throws a light on hitherto unknown, to me, facts about John Proctor who was hung in 6697 with Martha Carrier the granddaughter of Edmund Ingalls the founder of Lynn Colony who was also my Gt x 8 Grandfather.

Former Site of the Salem Courthouse
Address: Washington Street (about 655 feet south of Lynde Street), opposite the Masonic Temple, Salem, Mass. Memorial plaque located on Masonic Temple.

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