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Date of publication: 2017-08-23 06:51

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9. Class as the writer presents it comes across as another identity construction, rather than an identification. Either that, or he would permit the bogeymen of vampires and neo-anarchists who identify as 8766 working class 8767 to join its forces. Either way, experiences of 8766 class 8767 vary with even more dangerous imprecision than any identity politics: what or who counts as working class economically, or socially, or politically, all varies not to mention how different age-groups, regions, identity groups might describe their own 8766 class 8767 .

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You are not dealing with the point I was making with this analogy. My hypothetical 8766 wealthy white woman 8767 would have many options for showing solidarity with poor, working-class and/or non-white women in their concrete struggles, and her failure to do so would make her abstract declarations of 8766 solidarity 8767 meaningless or worse, if she tried to use such 8766 feminist solidarity 8767 as a weapon against working-class women uniting with men in working-class struggle or 8766 third-world 8767 women uniting with men in anti-imperialist struggle. And her position wouldn 8767 t be any better if she argued, perhaps correctly, that the abolition of patriarchy would end the special oppressions of workers and people of color.

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I read the whole thing. I thought it was dead on, not only in content but in tone. Its refreshing how you just say what you have to say in the gentlest way possible, absent rhetoric like 8775 vampire castle 8776 . I saw a piece similar to this recently where the author calls for 8775 bridge building 8776 and then a paragraph later suggests that the 8775 identitarian 8776 crowd is 8775 caterwauling 8776 and they recite their lines by rote. Like, good job building those bridges dude. Yes the in-fighting and calling out and mockery are a problem. No we don 8767 t solve the problem by adding more in-fighting, calling out, and mockery

Brand may not be working class in his relation to the means of production, but in the Paxman interview he was condescended to because he doesn 8767 t speak 8766 properly 8767 . There is such a thing as cultural capital. Your comments are typical of posh white guys who heap shit on people of identical background hoping it won 8767 t stick to themselves. Amazing.

Altough as far as I recall they were not opressed into pretending to be a member of humanity while being in reality a human-appearing dragon from a parallel dimension reality of an anime which came out ten years after their birth, as otherkin often claim.

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The practical politics of this post are extremely boring I 8767 ve heard it all before. 8766 Class 8767 is important, even if these *great leaders* of our class aren 8767 t at all interested in challenging racism or sexism. The idea that the 8766 vampire 8767 left is a liberal pressure group, but the People 8767 s Assembly isn 8767 t, is laughable.

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Yeah, that was you who said that, posting under another name. It 8767 s very sad and weird that you think your opinions come from a position of strength or have any impact on the world, and yet to find someone to agree with them, you have to exhibit signs of mental illness and pretend to be two people at once.

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