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Way general essay leadership crisis management

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6. In military action, there are men who like to fight and enjoy battle, single-handedly taking on powerful opponents gather them into one squad and call them “the warriors who repay the nation.

Way General Essay Leadership Crisis Management

6. Desire for the extraordinary and unexpected in strategy,
7. Desire for thoroughness in security,
8. Desire for calm among the masses,
9. And desire for unity of hearts and minds.

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5. Sometimes local officials extensively tailor awards and fines, welfare projects, and general expenditures, arbitrarily determining prices and measures, with the result that people lose their jobs.

8. If the general loses his authority and cannot control the power, he is like a dragon cast into a lake, he may seek the freedom of the high sea, but how can he get there?

Therefore good generals always have intelligent and learned associates for their advisors, thoughtful and careful associates for their eyes and ears, brave and formidable associates for their claws and fangs.

6. Nothing is harder to see into people’s natures. Though good and bad are different, their conditions and appearances are not always uniform.
7. There are some people who are nice enough but steal.
8. Some people are outwardly respectful while inwardly making fools of everyone.
9. Some people are brave on the outside yet cowardly on the inside.
5. Some people do their best but are not loyal.
6. Hard though it be to know people, there are ways.

The record states that Liu Bei finally went to see Zhuge Liang, adding that he had to go no fewer than three times before the genius agreed to meet the warrior chieftain. When at length they were together, the record continues, Liu Bei dismissed everyone else so that he could be alone with Zhuge Liang. Then he said, 8775 The house of Han is collapsing treacherous officials are usurping authority the emperor is blinded by the dust. 8776 The warrior lord went on to solicit Zhuge 8767 s advice.

That would be very confusing for the reader. Not to mention that it would be hard to write and navigate in between those themes. After all, very few people know you well enough, and it is almost certain that your essay is going to be read mostly by strangers or just people who know you marginally.

7. If their punishment and rewards are not clear, their directives will not always be followed. If they allow those who should be killed to live, treachery will not be prevented. If they allow those who should live to be killed, soldiers will defect. If they get angry without discernible reason, their authority will not be effective. If their rewards and punishments are not clear, the lower echelons will not be encouraged to achieve. If politics are inappropriate, orders will not be obeyed. If private affairs are carried over into public life, people will be of two minds.

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As this testament shows, there is a strong undercurrent of Taoist thought in Zhuge Liang 8767 s attitude toward life and work. This undercurrent is even more evident in his letter of advice to his nephew and his son. To this nephew he wrote: 8775 Aspirations should remain lofty and far-sighted. Look to the precedents of the wise. Detach from emotions and desires get rid of any fixations. Elevate subtle feelings to presence of mind and sympathetic sense. Be patient in tight situations as well as easy one eliminate all pettiness. 8776

Culture takes precedence the military comes after. If you put victory first, you will surely get beaten later if you start out with anger, you will surely regret it later. One day’s anger can destroy your whole life. Therefore a superior man is stern but not ferocious he may get angry, but not furious he may worry, but does not fear he may rejoice, but not overjoyed.

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