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The emotion portrayed is mostly depressive, somber and bitter. &apos Anthem for Doomed Youth&apos seems slightly accusatory this is because the poet asks questions of the reader, almost daring the reader to disagree. &apos Letter XV&apos emits a confused mood, as if the poet doesn&apos t understand why war exists.

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Owen wanted to make very clear to the world the reality of war. He did not want to paint it as a glorious and heroic endeavor rather, he wanted to show that it was terrible and senseless. He wanted to reveal the human side of the fighting, not just talk ambiguously about casualties. He wanted to humanize the soldiers and understand their plight. He did not want to apologize for revealing the pity of war, as he explained in Apologia Pro Poemate Meo. It was important to him to be authentic and unsparing in his imagery, tone, and message. For him poetry was not a way to excise personal demons but a universalizing medium that imparted overarching themes and realities.

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The poetry and novels have reaching the peak of Chinese literary achievement during that time.. During this essay, we will mainly talked about the second purpose that how those poets wrote about the natural. . Wang Wei as known as "the Poetry Buddha ", was a Daoist artist he used his poetry, painting and music retreat to reconcile himself to nature, and also as a means of cultivation.. "War x77 s beacon fires have gone on three months, letters from home are worth thousands in gold ", in here he turns from the world of nature and the immediate world around him.. Then he wrote about.

These include lyric and epic poetry, philosophical essays and dialogues, tragic and comic drama, literary letters and critical and biographical history. . Lyric poetry, shorter forms of poetry, began to replace the epic. . One type of lyric poetry was called melic poetry. . He wrote a versatile account of the Peloponnesian War. . Most city-states trained men for war and required all able-bodied male citizens to fight during a time of war. .

What contrasting purposes did the poets have as they wrote, and how are those purposes reflected in the language they used? Jessie Pope wrote 8766 Who 8767 s for the Game 8767 to encourage

Among these things were World War I, the Civil Rights Movement, prohibition, women suffrage, and the Great Depression. Particularly after World War I and during women x77 s suffrage, society x77 s standpoint on certain issues changed dramatically.. He gained their ability to write poetry filled with wisdom while adding his own passionate language.. Many of Eliot x77 s poetry centers around the plight and the lifestyles of women.. In his essay, Tradition and the Individual Talent, Eliot explores the role that tradition plays in humans, particularly writers..

&apos Alleys cobbled with their brothers&apos is used in &apos Insensibility&apos to describe a trench with dead bodies strewn around this is an unpleasant image, used intentionally to disturb the reader.

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