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GIGANTES The War of the Giants and its combatants the Gigantes were frequently confounded by the ancients with the Titans and the Titan War. Sometimes the Gigantes were represented as soldiers in the army of the Titan-gods, or as rebellious supporters of the deposed Titan Cronus.

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The female Titans or Titanides remained neutral in the War, and retained their positions as prophetic goddesses. Several of these goddesses became consorts of Zeus and received a place on Mount Olympos as mothers of the gods.

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Theseus was a Greek hero in Greek mythology. While having all the qualities of a traditional hero , such as strength and courage, he was also intelligent and wise. His early adventures benefited the city and region of Athens , helping in the consolidation of the Athenian power through shrewd political maneuvering. He also led the Athenian army on a number of victorious campaigns. He was also credited as the founder of democracy, voluntarily transferring many of his powers as king over to an elected assembly. He gained a reputation for helping the poor and oppressed.

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Their world was divided by the Mediterranean, which means Middle of the Lands in Latin. The river Ocean flowed around the world in a clockwise motion.

STYX The Titan-goddess of oaths of allegiance and of the deadly, netherworld River Styx. She brought her children Victory, Rivalry, Force and Power to the side of Zeus at the start of the Titan-War.

The Renaissance began with a new interest in ancient Greece and Rome. The mythology of these cultures became part of the store of knowledge of well-educated Europeans. Since that time, hundreds of artists, writers, and musical composers have found

Hermes, or Mercury, was the god of science and invention, but he is best known as the messenger of the gods. He is often pictured with a winged helmet and sandals. He is said to have invented the alphabet, boxing and gymnastics! In this painting by Goltzius, you can see his helmet with wings he's not wearing his famous sandals, though.

EOS The Titan-goddess of the dawn. She was the mother of the wandering stars (that is, the planets) and the four directional winds by the Titan Astraeus.

When we think of the blind poet Homer with relation to Ancient Greece, the first thing that comes to our mind is his beautiful epic poems Iliad and Odyssey. While there is disagreement, whether Homer alone wrote these poems or many other people, the 'analysts' and the ancient Greek people and the 'unitarians' are on Homer's side. These poems were an important part of the Greek culture as they were written during the famous Trojan war era.

Individuals who are interested in studying Greek mythology can do so as part of Classical Studies programs offered at the undergraduate and graduate levels. These programs prepare graduates to enter into careers such as journalism, curators, archivists, and postsecondary teachers.

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