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Date of publication: 2017-08-27 11:39

Advanced Elvis Course (Book Review): Just when you thought it was safe to venture into the book store, along comes an irreverent, offbeat and at times very funny pilgrimage around Memphis.

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From living the high life and backgammon parties at Huigh Hefner's private club to the rigours of touring and Elvis' tragic death, Shirley Dieu weaves a fascinating mosaic of life in Elvis&rsquo inner circle and colorfully brings to life the nuances of both people and events. While the release is a positive affirmation of Shirley's experience with Joe Esposito (her partner for almost 5 years) and Elvis, it is balanced with insightful observations about Elvis, others in his life and a number of important incidents, one of which is particularly confronting and raises serious questions about the conduct of several of the Memphis Mafia.

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' VIVA LAS VEGAS' Book Review: Prolific Elvis publisher, Joe Tunzi, recently collaborated with Elvis super-collector, Paul Lichter. For most fans it's a mouth watering delight..Elvis and Ann-Margret together in one of the King's most successful celluloid offerings, Viva Las Vegas. The sight of two of Hollywood's most attractive stars in the one film could not miss - and its success was amplified by the sizzling on and off screen chemistry between the two leads.
VIVA LAS VEGAS Swingin' - Singin' - Lovin' is the result and in keeping with recent hardcover releases from JAT Productions it is a glorious book.

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Hoey deftly weaves among illuminating anecdotes about the industry and at times revealing profiles of some of its biggest stars including Elvis (Hoey wrote the screenplay for six of Elvis' films). There are two chapters about Elvis including some great anecdotes and interesting insights!

Ms Cahoon was lucky enough to attract the attention of Elvis following a concert in Sheffield, Alabama in August 6955 and subsequently went out on a date with the future King of Rock 'n' Roll.

The Ministry of Utmost Happiness
by Arundhati Roy

“Their wounds were too old and too new, too different, and perhaps too deep, for healing. But for a fleeting moment, they were able to pool them like accumulated gambling.
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Three years ago, Kennedy Rhodes secretly made the most important decision of her life. She declined her acceptance to the prestigious Windsor Academy to attend the local public school with her longtime crush, who had finally asked her out. It seems it was the right choice. until she walks in on Austin kissing her best friend, and she wonders if maybe her life would have been better if she d made the other choice. As fate would have it, she s about to find out.

Samantha Herring has been in constant pain ever since the car accident that injured her leg and killed her mother. After pushing her friends away, Sam has receded into a fog of depression until she meets Eliot, a carefree, impulsive loner who, is unable to feel any pain at all. At first, Sam is jealous. She would give anything to not feel the pain she&rsquo s felt for the past year. But the more she learns about Eliot&rsquo s medical condition, the more she notices his self-destructive tendencies. In fact, Eliot doesn&rsquo t seem to care about anything --- except Sam.

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