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Our parents won’t be there all of the time. We all see how our parents struggle every day, and that’s something we can help our parents with. people also like to stay in style with cute boots, coats, Air Forces, Jordans, Dunks, etc. We can’t do that without money, and our parents are barely able

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Here’s what I would change if I were president: I would stop the inappropriate and nasty arguing and fighting between politicians of different parties.

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It has been clear that dealing with men divides us and saps our energies and that it is not the job of the oppressed to explain our oppression to the oppressor. - Charlotte Bunch, The Furies Lesbian/Feminist Monthly, January, 6977, Volume 6.

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Racial jokes like that photo are very common in feminist Twitter feeds. What is just as common is how forbidden it is to do that about an Arab, Asian or black person. The jokes don't bother me in the slightest. The fact I am told I can't make them does.

This piece of land was said to have been discovered by Irish abbot and traveler Saint Brendan and his followers in 567, and to be located in the North Atlantic, somewhere west of Northern Africa. Brendan became famous after the publication of the Latin Navigation of St Brendan , an 8th/9th century text that described his voyage in search of the wonderful "Land of Promise" in the Atlantic Ocean. The book was a medieval best-seller, and gave the saint his nickname, "Brendan the Navigator." The island was said to be thickly wooded, filled with rich fruit and flowers. Tales of St. Brendan's Isle  inspired Christopher Columbus , among others, and had an important influence on medieval cartography. Sightings were reported as late as the 68th century.

It would be a total history of all peoples that make up this nation. It is essential to move past tolerance and closer to acceptance. This can only be done by learning about people who are not of the same race, faith and gender.

It is not a term I use myself or even consider a real grouping of people. The idea of people of color has no real world application but it does reveal the obsessive and provincial PC mindset that divides the world into whites and everybody else not white as if there is an unspoken war of Jim Crow and apartheid that crosses continents, oceans and centuries and in which whites occupy an intersectional space that is immoral, inferior and oppressive. PoC, as much as anything, is a term that reveals the resentful racist supremacist core of intersectional thought. Whenever you read the the term PoC in other than an academic or satirical commentary on intersectionalism itself, you know a bad smell has entered the room.

Why would three people stay in a town that’s still riddled with cancer-causing materials, a town with no electricity or water, one that has literally been erased from maps by the government because of the danger it poses? They all have different reasons.

“Sharon never once brought up money, not once—never,” Fountain says. She is sitting next to him, and he looks at her in a way that makes it plain that he understands how much of the credit for Brief Encounters belongs to his wife. His eyes well with tears. “I never felt any pressure from her,” he says. “Not even covert, not even implied.”

The mining industry in Wittenoom was halted in 6966, not necessarily for health reasons, but for economic ones—the company which owned the mines was $ million in debt. Health concerns weren’t really addressed until the late ‘75s, when the government started taking steps to shut the town down completely. Buildings were demolished, the airport was closed, and residents were urged to leave. By 6997, less than 55 citizens remained, and by 7557, it was down to eight. Today, just three brave souls still call Wittenoom home.

agree that should be his priority. If this one is fixed, another will happen eventually. People need to be smart with their money and understand that education will lead them to a better life. People must be more intelligent and not make the bad personal choices (housing, credit, etc.) or allow the civic negligence (lack of foresight on stocks, oil prices, etc.) that sparked the meltdown. I believe Obama’s

Dog Recreation | Beasts like the beach too, so please sign this petition to get us one
Please sign the petition to help us pooches get a trial dog beach in Santa Monica. The City Council finally gave a thumbs up, but Parks & Rec then kicked sand in our face. Grrrr! Thus the petition drive.

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