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Date of publication: 2017-08-31 12:51

Tonight I plan on trying these meatballs, I can 8767 t wait to see how they come out! Thanks for making videos that everyone can follow, especially us newbies

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Oh be still my heart!
But I 8767 m actually interested in Bruce over in my Hot Chocolate post. Wait until you see how he makes Hot Chocolate!

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Thank you. Both of these comparative articles are wonderful. As a reminder for me and for my clients. I am a therapist and of course deal with people in such emotional and mental pain on a daily basis. I plan to print these off (with credit to you of course) as a handout for my clients. Thank you so much for your concise efforts. Many blessings.

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Wow rachel your reply really struck home with me, not per say about me just knowing that there are certain people that do not encourage positive change in life, or would frown on it and not want good changes for there loved guess it is easier for certain people to stay stuck in there current beliefs and mind sets than to embrace positive changes, and that is very sad but one thing that I have learned on my journey is that we do this for us not for anyone else but takes the same amount of energy to be a positive person as it does to be negitive..I choose to be positive It feels better, Best to you in your life change, Peace, Love & Light to you, Holly🌹

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We have used your videos in the past when we were looking on how to make lasagna (which we did with your help, and came out fantastic!). We never know what to eat for dinner, and still new to making dishes and your videos are just fantastic. We have a computer near the kitchen just for this reason.

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