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I'm increasingly less likely to pick up a book if it is another straight white dude story." - Kate Elliot, Nebula-nominated SFF author and SFWA member

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America is not an ideological white male supremacy. Once again these daffy warriors cannot tell the difference between a simple demographic reality and a supremacist culture or ideology. Intersectionalists acknowledge profound differences between men and women when it suits them and pretend such differences are nonexistent when that suit fits. One of most bitterly humorous things about this entire cult is that their enthusiasm for insisting people not attack other people because of their race and sex is only exceeded by their setting the most conspicuous precedent for normalizing such behaviors on social media platforms. Intersectionalists are their own worst enemies in a war against themselves.

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When I read something like that, I have a little argument with myself: &ldquo It&rsquo s only poor education. They feel the same way as anyone would, they just don&rsquo t have the language to express it.&rdquo But another part of me has a darker, more frightening thought. Do they genuinely believe, because the girl&rsquo s wall is still up, that she is still, in some sense, alive? What&rsquo s the difference, after all, if all your contact was virtual? 9

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If you have any doubts about pre-ordained brilliance or lack of it, read these Tweets by Alex MacFarlane over a negative review of a use of dialect in a story from the PC diversity thunderblast anthology, Long Hidden , which she apparently hasn't even read:

Now we hear that it is the task of women of Color to educate white women -- in the face of tremendous resistance -- as to our existence, our differences, our relative roles in our joint survival. This is a diversion of energies and a tragic repetition of racist patriarchal thought. - Audre Lorde, The Master's Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master's House. 6989. Sister Outsider: Essays and Speeches. Ed. Berkeley, CA: Crossing Press. 665- 669. 7557.

SFF is, alas, dominated by white westerners - Aliette de Bodard, science fiction and fantasy (SFF) author , five-time nominated, two-time winner of the Nebula Award and two-time nominee for the Hugo Award, SFWA member

A 65 minute long journey of emotions that befall children faces. Fear, Curiosity a Smile. They all sit in a dark theater. What they see, we don't we can only guess from their faces.

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Meanwhile - surprise - The New Republic lists the mass love-in fusion of gender and race feminism - Simone de Beauvoir and Kimberle Crenshaw - as topping their feminist section of 655 years of thinkers. Between the two of them, they'd squeeze the straight white male thin enough to fit into the fourth dimension if they could.

I use the term PoC in this book because it is intersectionalspeak. It is an idea born of writing things like an international community of peoples of Color, a human community which includes two-thirds of the world’s population, as does the black, gay, intersectional feminist activist Audre Lorde in her 6986 essay Turning the Beat Around.

But here I fear I am becoming nostalgic. I am dreaming of a Web that caters to a kind of person who no longer exists. A private person, a person who is a mystery, to the world and which is more important to herself. Person as mystery: this idea of personhood is certainly changing, perhaps has already changed. Because I find I agree with Zuckerberg: selves evolve.

Discrimination is not limited to gender, race, ethnicity, age, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or physical/mental disability.

There are some uncomfortable truths about America, the land of my birth. It was stolen from murdered Natives, built on the backs of enslaved Africans, and enriched the lives of various racist European immigrants.

Heroes (or anti-heroes), corrupt characters and villains included down-and-out, conflicted hard-boiled detectives or private eyes, cops, gangsters, government agents, a lone wolf, socio-paths or killers, crooks, war veterans, politicians, petty criminals, murderers, or just plain Joes. These protagonists were often morally-ambiguous low-lifes from the dark and gloomy underworld of violent crime and corruption. Distinctively, they were cynical, tarnished, obsessive (sexual or otherwise), brooding, menacing, sinister, sardonic, disillusioned, frightened and insecure loners (usually men), struggling to survive - and in the end, ultimately losing.

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